Petal Dew Story

Inspired to Inspire

Hi. I am Bhuvi Iyer, founder and creator of PetalDew Skincare. Every PetalDew skin and body care product is lovingly made in my studio in Melbourne, Australia’s garden city.


PetalDew began as an inspiration - and a need - to find pure, safe, simple and effective skincare products without synthetic nasties or toxins - for my family.

Life certainly changes completely when you become a parent. The parental instinct kicks in and the desire to make sure your family is healthy and safe fills your mind. Several years ago, my 3 month old child developed eczema. Doctors prescribed steroid-based creams and the pharmacists suggested other concoctions filled with petroleum based ingredients. Petrol and steroids! For a child so tender and small? There were no clear answers concerning side effects. I sought a way to avoid a reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to relieve my child’s condition. Chatting with other like-minded mums and doing my research, I found the answer was right at home and it took just three simple ingredients. Daily applications, over 3 months, of a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter ensured the eczema beat a retreat. The relief of a parent of an infant that finally sleeps through the night is hard to beat!

This was my first-hand lesson in simple, self-care.

Towards a Multi-purpose, self-care routine

Being a mother is a 24/7 job that gets paid in love and affection. It’s only too easy to forget to look after ourselves – one is forever short on time and energy. It’s easy to forget the Art of Self-Care.

Visit any large department store and you’ll find a bewildering array of skincare and body care choices. There are a multitude of products for each and every part of the body. Often, it’s the same stuff in a different bottle or with a different label. Then there are the incomprehensible (for anyone without a PhD in inorganic chemistry) hard-to-read lists of man-made chemicals, synthetics and toxins in fine print. There is seldom mention of their short or long-term side effects. Faced with confusing and potentially harmful choices, it’s a real mission for the time-poor person to make the right choice.

It got me thinking. Wouldn’t just a handful of simple and effective multi-purpose, natural products do the job? Less is more. Less compromises with nasties and packaging waste, less time choosing and less time using. More joy from and for Mother Earth, more easily incorporated into a regular skincare routine, more time for everything else. It was a simple decision.


No one should compromise with your health. Especially not you. Choose the purest skincare using only ingredients that matter for your healthy skin.

I want to end this note with a little story.

I couldn’t escape a runny nose and head-cold during the recent winter chill. Seeing this, my five-year old went to the garden and got a clutch of lavender buds and eucalyptus leaves for me. With love in her heart and a gentle smile, she gave it to me. “Smell the bud and leaves, Mummy. The lavender will relax you and the eucalyptus will clear your nose.” Clearly, she’d picked up that much. That gesture from her was enough to make me feel better! I felt grateful for being inspired by Nature to inspire my children to lead a pure and healthy, self-reliant life.

I am happy to introduce you to my range of eco-conscious handmade natural skincare to simplify and sanctify your daily skincare ritual.

All my products are 100% natural – you’ll either find certified organic, wild-crafted or fair-trade ingredients in PetalDew skincare creations. My products are as beautiful as Mother Nature herself, filled with Her divine essence and ambrosia and are as good for you as Mother Earth intended. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Love and hope to inspire you,

Bhuvi Iyer