PetalDew makes Eco-conscious natural skincare range using certified organic, wild-crafted and fair-trade ingredients. All our skincare products are handmade fresh in micro-batches at our home studio in Melbourne.

We are guided by the 3 principles of Simplicity, Sustainability and Sensibility.


We use simple, cosmetic grade certified organic concentrated 100% active botanical ingredients in our formulations that deliver maximum benefits for the health of your skin. You won’t find any fillers, alcohols, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives in our skincare products. We only use natural ingredients that matters!


For us the questions What-Where-How is very important in our business.

What impact our business will have on the people, society, natural resources and the planet as whole?

From where will we source our ingredients and other materials?

How our business decisions will impact the society and the environment?


We use only the ingredients that are grown, cultivated and processed without the use of chemical sprays, pesticides and chemical treatment.


Our products are not tested on Animals.


We aim to minimize the use of plastics in our business by using glass jars and glass bottles packaging.

We do not pack our products in a fancy box as we thought we can save some trees! When we are shipping the products to the customer, we re-use the bubble wrap, packing peanuts and other materials received from our suppliers without throwing them away.


We print our business cards, flyers, brochures on 100% recycled paper stock. We use local environmental responsible printing companies who have strong Green credentials.


We are a brand that supports Fair-Trade, small quality Co-operatives farms by sourcing some of the ingredients from them.


We believe in protecting Bio-diversity of the species particularly the humble invertebrates - Beneficial insects responsible for pollination and natural pest control. In recent years, their population is falling drastically. In recent times you would have heard of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Without bees to pollinate many of our favorite fruits and vegetables, we could lose thousands of crops!

One of the main reasons why we choose certified organic in making our products are because we care about the Environment and we don’t want the beneficial insects to completely disappear from the face of the Earth. When we choose to buy certified organic products, we not only help ourselves, but we help the society and the environment.

We also donate to ‘The Wheen Bee Foundation’ – A NGO in Australia involved in raising awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and to raise money to help fund research projects that will address the national and global threats to bees. We donate 2% of our sale proceeds from every product sold.


We lead a busy lifestyle. We want products that are sensible, give us more and do the job effectively without wastage of resources. We design our skincare products with that in mind. Our skincare products are multi-tasking!

    Welcome to PetalDew – Simplify and Sanctify your skincare ritual.