The Skin Treat Oil is a multi-purpose product.
  1. Body Oil: Massage a small amount on slightly damp skin to lock in moisture. Best used as a body moisturiser after a warm shower when your skin is still damp.
  2. Bath Oil: Pour a small amount under warm running water in the bath. Take in the earthy floral happy aroma when unwinding after a stressful day. You will come out with super soft skin.
  3. Massage Oil: Use as a massage treatment to relax tired and sour muscles.
  4. Scalp Treatment: Take a small amount and massage onto your scalp to reduce itchiness and dryness.
  5. Hair Conditioner: Apply a small amount on your hair to condition it. Best used before hair straightening to protect your hair from heat damage.
  6. Shaving Oil: Use as a shaving oil. It provides an added barrier between blade and the skin. It hydrates and sooth the skin at the same time.