Aromatherapy natural air room freshener

Happy New year 2014 wishes to all my well wishers and supporters of PetalDew. Hoping that this new year be as colorful, bright and natural as ever ;).

If you are looking for an easy and completely natural idea to freshen up your room with beautiful aroma this new year, then the idea I am about to share with you will come handy. It is pleasing on the eyes too.

It involves only few things that are easily available at home – dried flower petals from your garden, aromatic essential oils (you can get good quality essential oils from the health shop), glass vase or tray made with natural materials like wood, bamboo to hold dried flower petals.

Aromatherapy natural air room freshener

How to do it:

  1. First you need dried flower petals. You can pluck flowers like roses, lavenders, hibiscus, camellia etc and spread it on a stainless steel tray to dry naturally indoors or leave it out in a shady spot away from direct sun light. It may take few days for the petals to dry.
  2. Once the flowers are fully dried, you can fill a glass vase or a bamboo tray with the dried petals.
  3. As per your preference and mood, you can add different essential oils to the dried flower petals. I usually add 10 drops of my favorite blend – relax blend comprising of lavender, sweet orange and rose geranium or new energy blend comprising of essential oils like Cinnamon, peppermint and lavender .The other types of blends you can try are –

Concentration blend: Rosemary, lemon, Peppermint

Detox blend: Geranium, lemon, peppermint

Meditation blend: Lemon, lavender

Winter warmer blend: You can use Eos like cinnamon, nutmeg, sandalwood, and clove to promote feeling of warmth and cosiness at home during winter months.

I go by my intuition and mood when adding essential oils. For example I may feel like adding more of lavender oil and less of lemon oil under meditation blend or vice versa. It is totally up to you as to what type of aromas you prefer on a particular day. 

Aromatherapy natural air room freshener

When you are in the room, you can feel the aroma which gets dispersed into the air from the aromatic petals. I usually top up dried flower petals with essential oils once in two to three weeks.

Try this natural room freshener idea at home and feel your natural best!

Bye for now. Cherish Yourself. Cherish Nature – PetalDew.

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