An easy peasy DIY fun activity for kids – Yogurt tub succulent planter

yoghurt tub succulent planter

Today is a public holiday in Victoria. It is Melbourne cup day – Horse racing carnival. We decided to relax and stay indoors at home . That means you need to keep your kid(s) occupied so that you can just put up your feet and read a book or listen to favorite music peacefully for some time (hmm what a bliss!). You either switch on a TV cartoon for them (the sinful way ;)) or engage them in some fun and learn activities to keep their mind and their busy bodies occupied. I chose the latter!

When I was thinking how to engage my three and a half year old in doing something new, I spotted the empty yogurt tub in my kitchen sink. I usually save my yogurt tubs to be reused as give away food containers. I am a big fan of reusing, re-purposing and re-cycling. This time around I had an idea to use it as a succulent planter.

So here is a fun and easy project for the kids – DIY succulent planter using a yogurt tub.

Step 1: Wash and dry your used yogurt tub.

yoghurt tub succulent planter

Yogurt tub waiting to be used

 Step 2: Using acrylic colours, paint the yogurt tub. My little one wanted to paint flowers and leaves. keep an eye on your kid(s) when they are using acrylic colours.

yoghurt tub succulent planter

Yay!! It is fun to paint a yogurt tub.

Step 3:  Allow the paint to dry. My little one wanted to stick some star stickers on the tub for a shiny effect!

yoghurt tub succulent planter

The artist hovering in the background awaiting to plant something in the tub!

Step 4: Time to plant the succulents. Succulents are hardy and can resist drought condition. They need little or no water to thrive. You can choose any variety. I usually propagate succulents from the cuttings. To know how to do it please see

yoghurt tub succulent planter

Succulent hunting in progress in the neighborhood


Step 5: Put a small hole under the yogurt tub converted succulent planter for the water to seep in and use a general potting mix/ succulent potting mix. Plant your succulents and voila your succulent planter is ready!  We decided to keep the planter in a shady spot. You can keep it near your window sill, The reason is if you keep the yogurt tub in the direct sunlight or in the rain, it may crack eventually as it is made up of plastic. The yogurt container I used has number 2 on it.That means it is  made up of high density plastic.

To know more on plastics you commonly use, please see this info chart –

yoghurt tub succulent planter


yoghurt tub succulent planter

Our beautiful succulents in the re-used yogurt tub shining in our pergola

Bye for now. Cherish Yourself. Cherish NaturePetalDew :)


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