Natural anti-blemish and spot treatment from your kitchen Pantry

Natural anti-blemish and spot treatment from your kitchen Pantry

We all hate when we get a pimple/ blemish spot on the day when we least expect it. Say, there is a graduation party/ or a photo session in two days time and you want your facial skin to look at its best. Next day you wake up to find a pesky pimple on your face. OMG must be those hormones! There are other reasons that can cause blemish/pimple. Using excessive make-up and forgetting to remove it before going to bed can clog up the pores that can cause pimples. Too much greasy food in your diet can cause pimples. External pollutants and dirt can cause pimples.

The best way to treat your blemish/pimple is to use a targeted spot treatment that is effective in reducing the blemish without drying out the skin.

You can find spot treatment solutions or gels in some of the popular skin care brands like Body Shop, Burt’s Bees, Johnson & Johnson, Neutrogena etc.

If you are like me looking for natural alternative option, I can share with your some of the spot treatments you can quickly prepare at home with the available ingredients in your kitchen pantry. Never under estimate the humble spices and herbs in your kitchen pantry. They can do wonders for your skin as well!

Before using spot treatment, wash and cleanse your face with mild soap. Pat it dry and do the spot treatment. Best to do it overnight when your skin is at rest.


When my mother first suggested using nutmeg paste for my blemishes, I was 100% skeptical. I tried it anyway and it worked like a miracle. It is very quick to make nutmeg paste. Take a whole nutmeg. Rub it against a stone slab with few drops of rose water/ plain water. The paste should be thick enough so it can be easily applied on the skin. To the paste, add a drop of honey, mix it and apply it on the blemish/ pimple. Continue this treatment for two days and you will notice that your pimple spot has reduced in size. You may experience a slightly tingling sensation on your skin because of the astringent quality of the nutmeg. That should not worry you. Honey is anti-bacterial and will keep your skin moisturized.  Nutmeg paste is effective in removing the scars caused by pimples. It should be applied overnight regularly.


Powder a teaspoon of black pepper to a fine consistency and mix it with yogurt to make a paste and apply it on the spot avoiding the area around your eyes. Your skin will really tingle. It is the heat in pepper that causes your skin to tingle. But it will subside in few minutes. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Black pepper is effective in removing black heads.

Sandalwood and Turmeric:

Make a paste of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder mixed with rose water and yogurt and apply on the spot/blemish. Do this continuously as overnight treatment. Notice the visible difference.

Tea tree Oil:

The only essential oils you can use in undiluted form are Tea tree oil and Lavender Oil. Tea tree oil is antiseptic, anti-bacterial and is a natural fungicide and germicide. Take a cotton swab and put 3 to 5 drops of Tea tree oil depending upon severity of the situation! Apply directly on the blemishes.

Cinnamon and Honey:

A paste made out of pure cinnamon powder and honey is effective in removing the pimple and spots.

Onion Juice:

Mix 2 tablespoon of fresh onion juice with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and apply it on the spots/blemishes. Onion juice is effective in removing the age spots. Apply this regularly to see visible results.

If you have any natural tips on pimple/blemish spot treatment, please feel free to share by posting it under comments.

Bye for now. PetalDewCherish yourself. Cherish Nature.

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