Tip of the week 22 May 2013 : Storing fresh ginger

It is winter time in Melbourne and nothing beats having a cuppa of warm ginger and lemon tea to combat the symptoms of cold and flu. To make ginger and lemon tea, steep fresh grated ginger and fresh lemon peel in boiling water for five minutes. Sip the concoction slowly enjoying the taste and aroma. Add honey to sweeten it (optional). Remember that honey is anti-bacterial which will relieve the symptoms of cold and cough.

Fresh ginger can be expensive and if it is in season, try buying a larger chunk. Storing ginger calls for care and attention. If it is left in the fridge for a long time in a plastic bag, it can develop mold. When stored in a paper bag, ginger may shrivel.  I am sharing with you a tip on how to store fresh ginger for a long time retaining its freshness and flavour.

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