Product review: Deonat Deodorant Sports Deodorant Stick

This is my first post on ‘product review’ on my website. I will be posting product review of more tried and tested natural products in the future. Watch this space.

Deonat Deodorant Sports Deodorant Stick

Deonat Deodorant

Once upon a time I used to be a fan of spray and roll on deodorants and anti-perspirants available in different fragrances. I used anything and everything that could stop me from sweating and producing body odours. Little I knew that inside those tubes and sticks lay a silent killer filled with myriad of Chemicals, artificial fragrances and synthetics known for causing health problems – even cancer.

Read my post on – Don’t poison your pits: to know more about the chemicals present in the deodorants and anti-perspirants.

After I became an eco-friendly and a conscious buyer, I hunted for a natural deodorant that could stop body odour and still allow me to sweat. Sweating is good!

I came across this little beauty in a shop selling natural products when I was holidaying in Brisbane with my family.

Name of the product: Deonat Deodorant Sports Deodorant Stick 50g

Weight of the product: 50 grams. Also available in 100 grams

Price I paid: AUD $4.70 for 50 grams

Where it is available: Most of the shops in Australia selling natural and organic products. If unavailable, you can check with the online shops in Australia selling natural and organic products.

Features of the product:

  • Made of 100% mineral salts.
  • Contains no aluminium chlorohydrate, fragrance, preservatives, harsh chemicals, or alcohol.


  • Helps to kill and retard odour-producing bacteria.
  • Effective anti-bacterial protection.
  • Will not stain your clothing, and is non-allergenic.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Recommended for the most sensitive skin.

How to use it:

Simply moisten crystal with water and apply to skin. After use, rinse the crystal then dry and stand on towel or coaster to absorb excess moisture.

DEO-NAT Mineral Deodorant Stick applies easily to wet underarm areas after showering or bathing.

Alternatively, wet the crystal with water and apply it under each arm after you bath.

Product review: Deonat Deodorant Sports Deodorant Stick

What made me to buy this product is because it has no artificial fragrance and completely made with mineral salt which is not harmful to your body.

Value for money: This product has actually lasted me for more than a year and a half as I only use it when I have to go out.

Do not clog pores: It still allows me to sweat as it does not clog pores. At the same time, there is no body odour. It seems to offer 24 hours protection.

Easy to apply: It is so easy to apply straight after a bath or shower. I allow the crystal to dry as per the instructions to extend its life.

Easy to carry: It is easy to carry and very useful for travel. No spill or mess. It is not in a pressurized can. It can be stored in your hand luggage.

For those of you planning to go for a natural alternative to chemical deodorants, this is a very good natural mineral crystal deodorant stick to have and use. It fulfills the promise it claims!

Bye for now. With love from PetalDewNature’s nurture.


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