Home made orange peel powder face mask

Petal Dew Home made Orange Peel powder – Face mask

I recently made home made orange peel powder. It can be used as face mask (see recipe below). Sometimes, I use it as topping on my green salads to give citrus fresh flavor. Play with your imagination as it is completely natural. Face Mask using home made orange / mandarin peel powder:

Homemade beauty tips can prove extremely beneficial because of the natural ingredients used. If you are uncomfortable about using cosmetic masks available in the market, try using natural beauty packs made at home.

An orange peel mask can be perfect for all skin types.

This orange peel face mask will help remove the tan, brighten your skin and balance the skin tone, giving you a younger and radiant look.

Orange Peel Face Mask Ingredients:

  • Orange Peel Powder
  • Milk/Water/Rose water/curd

To make a homemade orange mask, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Peel oranges and set the orange peels out to dry until they become hard.
  2. Once the peel becomes hard, grind it to fine powder in a mixer.
  3. Mix the orange peel powder with milk or water, as per choice. Use both orange peel powder and milk in equal measures. Blend the mixture till it becomes a smooth paste.

How to Apply Orange Peel Face Mask:

  1. Apply the paste all over your face and keep it on for around 30 minutes till it dries completely.
  2. Wash off the beauty mask with water after the stipulated period of time. Make sure not to scrub the facial area hard while washing off as this might do considerable damage to the skin.

Benefits of Orange Peel Face Mask:

Orange peel absorbs the oils from the open pores in your skin, thereby helping reduce the greasy shine that results on the face due to excess oil. It also helps to pick up dead and dry skin cells from the surface, making the face look brighter and cleaner.

Try using the natural orange peel mask to reveal a cool, glowing and blemish free skin that shines without being oily.

Bye for now. Until then PetalDew Signing off with Love from Nature.


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