Buying and Storing essential oils

In my previous post, I gave an introduction to essential oils. In this current post, we will discuss about buying and storing essential oils.

Buy quality essential oils only from reputed suppliers who source their products carefully. Quality oils gives the best result and are less likely to cause any adverse reactions.

The colder the temperature, the longer you keep your essential oils. You can store the oils in the refrigerator or at cool room temperature (10 degrees C).

Signs to look out for to indicate that the oils are going off are that some go cloudy or sticky in the bottle, some lose the intensity of their fragrance and some begin to smell sour. If any of these things happen, throw away the oils.

Storing tips:

  • Keep your oils in dark-glass bottles and in a dark place.
  • Keep your oils at a cool temperature.
  • Keep the caps on the bottle screwed on tight during storage.

Follow my next post on Safety methods when using essential oils. Until then, bye from PetalDew.


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