Simple home remedies for healthy living Part 1

Home remedies are simple and quiet effective. Home remedies allow us to use ingredients from our kitchen pantry and from our garden. The ingredients can be exotic spices like black pepper, Cumin seeds, Nutmeg, Tumeric powder, Honey, cinnamon sticks etc or simple things like used tea bags, cucumber and milk. Ingredients from the garden may include Holy Basil leaves, Hibiscus flowers, Hibiscus leaves, rosemary, lavenders, Aloe Vera, Indian borage or Mexican mint (Botanical name plectranthus amboinicus) etc.


Turmeric – Turmeric has got anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. For sore throat, add 1 teaspoon of tumeric powder with one teaspoon of black pepper powder to hot milk and drink before sleep time to relieve sore throat and for good sleep. Turmeric powder can be made into a paste with a teaspoon of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of rose water. This is applied on our face to soothe the skin affected by acne and scars. Regular application once a day will make your skin bright, clear and smooth getting rid of dead cells. In India, Turmeric is used in cooking.

Black pepper – Black pepper has anti-bacterial properties and is a antioxidant. Once used as a currency and offered to the Gods as sacred offerings, it is available throughtout the year. Black pepper aids digestion and promote intestinal health. To cure bad cough, crush  one teaspoon ofblack pepper until it gets powder consistency, add some clarified butter to it and slightly heat it under flame for few seconds. To that add one teaspoon of honey. Swallow the mixture slowly until you feel that it is coated on the throat. To prevent acne/pimples, grind 2 pearls of black pepper with milk and tumeric powder and apply it on the face (it may burn a little). Continuous application for two weeks once a day for twenty minutes will get rid of acne/pimples

Cumin Seed – Cumin is native to Egypt and has been cultivated in the middle East, India, China and Mediterranean countries for millennia. Cumin aids digestion. Boil one tablespoon of cumin seed in water and let it infuse of five minutes. Drink the hot cumin tea to help digest the food and cures heart burn and digestive disorder. It also gives relief in case of morning sickness, nausea and flatulence

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is used as herb (leaves) and as spice. To have relief from periods pain, boil one teaspoon of fenugreek in water and allow it to infuse for five minutes. Drink the water for immediate relief. Fenugreek acts as good conditioner for hair and promotes hair growth bevause it has got cooling properties. Soak a tablespoon of fenugreek in water overnight and in the morning grind the soaked fenugreek into fine paste. Apply it on your hair after shampooing and leave it on for three to four minutes and massage the paste gently onto your hair. Rinse it with warm water for a shiny and soft look.Regular usage will add volume to your hair.

Honey – Honey has a long history of human consumption, and is used in various foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavoring. Honey is used  in m,any skin products which has a moisturizing effect and gives a natural glow to the skin. It is also used in various medicinal traditions to treat ailments. To cure sore throat add a table spoon of honey to a glass of hot water  and to squeeze a table spoon of fresh lemon juice. drink this tonic to have relief from sore throat. To moisturize the dry skin, add one teaspoon of honey to a table spoon of yogurt and apply it on your face in circular motion and leave it on for ten minutes and wash it with warm water.

Nutmeg – Nutmeg is a spice from the nutmeg tree, which is native to several Indonesian islands. Both nutmeg and mace come from the same plant. Nutmeg is the ‘nut’, while mace is the surrounding lacy ‘aril’. Nutmeg has a warm, spicy aroma and flavour and can be used in sweet and savoury cooking. Nutmeg has medicinal use. To have a smooth face complexion and to get rid of scars caused by acne/pimples, grind nutmeg into paste using rose water and apply it on the face. It will lead to slight burning sensation on the face which is not harmful. Regular application of nutmeg paste will remove the scars. Shavings of nutmeg (less than one teaspoon) can be added to a glass of warm milk with honey and can be taken before going to bed. It promotes sound sleep and cures indigestion.


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